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Rigid Pavement Distress Identification Manual

Rigid Pavement Distress Identification Manual


(January 1997 - April 2003 for the translation)

   Front Master
   Table of Contents

1.   Introduction
2.   References
3.   Definitions
4.   Distresses in exposed concrete pavements
5.   Distresses in composite pavements (HMA overlaid concrete)
6.   Quick-reference charts


The Rigid Pavement Distress Identification Manual is intended primarily for use by personnel responsible for carrying out visual distress surveys of concrete pavements. Condition surveys can be used to determine pavement maintenance needs, provide input to a pavement management system, or prepare more in-depth project level assessments.

The purpose of the manual is to standardize the terminology and the reporting for the various distresses that affect rigid pavements, with the intent of minimizing the inherent subjectivity of visual surveys.

The manual is divided into two sections: exposed concrete pavements and composite pavements (hot mix asphalt overlaid concrete).