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Rigid Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation Guide

Rigid Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation Guide


(May 1999 - June 2003 for the translation)

   Front Master
   Table of Contents

1.   Introduction
2.   References
3.   Instructions to users
4.   Maintenance and rehabilitation techniques
5.   Rigid pavement maintenance decision trees
6.   Concrete pavement rehabilitation study
7.   Template forms


This guide describes the practices recommended by the ministère des Transports du Québec and is suitable as a reference for agency, academic and industry representatives involved in the maintenance and rehabilitation of concrete pavement in conditions similar to those in Québec.

The contents of the guide are intended for personnel involved in the planning and implementation of the following activities: maintenance and rehabilitation, network and project level pavement condition assessment, life cycle cost analysis (LCCA), project design, construction, warranty compliance monitoring, and other related activities.

The guide is designed to disseminate expertise in concrete pavement maintenance and rehabilitation, and to standardize practices, while allowing for the use of strategies adapted to local situations. Ultimately, this will lead to improvements in the quality and applicability of maintenance and rehabilitation activities.