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Hot Mix Asphalt: LC Method of Mix Design

Hot Mix Asphalt: LC Method of Mix Design


Version 1 (2005 – 2006 for the translation)

   Front Master
   Table of Contents

1.   Bituminous hot mix
2.   Asphalt mix gradation
3.   The relationship between weight and volume of compacted pavement mixtures
4.   Level 1 pavement mixture design
5.   Example of a level 1 pavement mixture design
6.   Resistance to rutting



The guide entitled Hot Mix Asphalt: LC Method of Mix Design presents the mix design method that was developed by the Ministère des Transports du Québec's Laboratoire des chaussées. It describes how performance is affected by the different properties of pavement mixtures, and how granulometry can be optimized for improved performance. It also summarizes the volumetric properties and provides a practical example of mix design.

Intended for civil engineering professors and students, this guide is a synthesis of all of the available information pertaining to designing hot mixes in accordance with the LC method. It will also be of great use to engineers and technicians who work in the field of road construction.