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Roundabouts - A Different Type of Management Approach


Version 1
(October 2002 - October 2005 for the translation)

   Front Master
   Comments and Suggestions

1.   History
2.   General Considerations
3.   Traffic
4.   Road Safety
5.   Pedestrians
6.   Cyclists
7.   Geometry
8.   Landscaping
9.   Signing
10.   Lighting
11.   Maintenance




The purpose of this guide is to provide designers with the basic information necessary to implement a roundabout in a community. It contains the essential principles for the needs analysis, geometric design and planning of a roundabout, particularly regarding traffic control devices, lighting and the environment.

Its content has been taken from foreign reference works and adapted to Québec realities by a team of MTQ road design and safety professionals. Each chapter deals with a specific topic. It is recommended that the basic principles described in this document be applied at each stage of development of a roundabout.

This first edition of the guide will be improved and updated in a few years based on the experience acquired and the comments received.