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LAF. 12.1-1/R2 Recovery Charge
LAF. 13-1/R3 When a judgment obtained under section 13 of the Tax Administration Act can be executed
LAF. 14-1/R3 Distribution of Property – General Principles
LAF. 14-3/R2 Distribution of Property - Successions
LAF. 15-1/R3 Notice of the Minister of Revenue to a Garnishee Under Section 15 of the Tax Administration Act
LAF. 17-1/R2 Notice requiring immediate payment under section 17 of the Tax Administration Act
LAF. 21-3/R1 Applications for reimbursement made by Indians, bands, tribal councils and band-empowered entities
LAF. 21.1-1R1 Time period during which a notice of objection can be notified further to the Minister’s refusal to refund an amount claimed
LAF. 27.3-1/R3 Prescription of Tax Debt Recovery
LAF. 28-1/R137 Interest Rates: Debts Owed to the State and Refunds Due by the Minister
LAF. 28-3/R1 Interest on the refund of a penalty at the time of a notice of reassessment
LAF. 28-4/R2 Interest on a debt owed by a person to the State under a fiscal law
LAF. 28-5/R1 Interest on Penalties
LAF. 31.1.1-1/R3 The Allocation of an Amount Payable to a Tax Debtor by a Public Body
LAF. 33-1/R1 Inalienability and exemption fromseizure of amounts owing by the State in respect of a fiscal law
LAF. 36-1/R1 Extension of Time Limits
LAF. 39-1/R4 Application of section 39 of the Tax Administration Act in the case of a formal demand for information or documents
LAF. 59-1/R2 Penalty for Failure to File a Return or Report
LAF. 59.2-1/R4 Penalties for Failure to Deduct, Withhold, Collect, Pay or Remit an Amount under a Fiscal Law
LAF. 93.1.3-1/R1 Extension of the Deadline for Filing an Objection
LAF. 94.1-1/R8 Waiver or Cancellation of Interest, Penalties or Charges
LAF. 95-1/R3 The reference to sections 1000 to 1079.16 of the Taxation Act in section 95 of the Tax Administration Act
LAF. 96.1-1/R10 Advance Rulings
LAF. 96.1-2/R10 Written Opinions