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TVQ. 1-3/R1 The Meaning of “Road Vehicle”
TVQ. 1-4/R2 Nominal Partnerships
TVQ. 1-5 The Québec Sales Tax and the Services Performed by a Bailiff
TVQ. 1-8 Supply of property or services at direct cost
TVQ. 1-9/R1 Municipal Court Judges
TVQ. 108-1/R2 Health care institution, within the meaning of paragraph 2 of the definition of that expression in section 108 of the Act respecting the Québec sales tax, and meals acquired or supplied by a health care institution
TVQ. 11.1-1/R1 Presumption of Residence in Québec Applicable to Persons Resident in Canada Who Have a Permanent Establishment in Québec
TVQ. 119.1-1/R2 Financial Assistance Program for Homemaker Services
TVQ. 124-1/R1 School Authorities Eligible for Partial Québec Sales Tax Rebates on Their Supplies of Student Transportation
TVQ. 124-2/R1 School Transportation Service Rendered to School Boards or Private Educational Institutions
TVQ. 126-2/R2 The Supply of CorporealMovable Property Together with a Supply of an Educational Service Made by a School Authority, Public College or University
TVQ. 127-1/R1 Supply of Massage Therapy Courses
TVQ. 133-1/R1 Supply of food products to educational institutions
TVQ. 135-1 Non-Degree Courses
TVQ. 138-1/R1 Professional legal aid services
TVQ. 138.1-1/R1 Supply by a Charity of Funeral Property and Services
TVQ. 151-1/R1 Travel fees in a controlled zone (ZEC)
TVQ. 16-12/R2 The Estimated Value Rule and the Option to Purchase a Leased Road Vehicle
TVQ. 16-13/R1 Private Forest Development Support Program
TVQ. 16-17/R3 Rules applicable to the bands of Hunter’s Point, Kitcisakik and Pakuashipi and to the members of those bands
TVQ. 16-2/R3 Non-Local Flower Deliveries Made Using an Order Relay Service
TVQ. 16-21 Amounts Charged by Organizations for the Marketing of Agricultural, Food and Fish Products
TVQ. 16-22/R1 Regional Agencies for Private Forest Development
TVQ. 16-24 Reimbursement of Expenses Made by a Broker Driver to a Principal Carrier
TVQ. 16-25 The Long Term Leasing of Vehicles Assigned to Interprovincial Transportation
TVQ. 16-28/R1 The Supply of Services to the Members of a Non-profit Organization in the Field of Tourism
TVQ. 16-29/R2 Supplies Made by Bingo Hall Managers
TVQ. 16-3/R1 Real Estate Brokerage
TVQ. 16-30/R1 Nominee Agreements
TVQ. 16-31 The Québec Sales Tax (QST) and the Judicial Costs and Extrajudicial Fees Charged to a Debtor
TVQ. 16-7/R1 Bulk Material Transportation Services
TVQ. 160-1 Professional Membership Dues
TVQ. 162-1 Collection of the Fees for the Publication of Rights in the Register of Personal and Movable Real Rights of the Ministère de la Justice and the Consultation Fees in Respect of the Sale or Long-Term Lease of a Road Vehicle
TVQ. 162-2 Fee Charged for Analyzing the Eligibility for a Grant or Subsidy
TVQ. 162-3/R1 The Supply of Information Issued by a Public Body
TVQ. 164-1/R1 Amount Claimed by a Municipality from the Owners of Alarm Systems after False Alarms
TVQ. 164.1-1/R3 Improvement by a municipality of roads that are under the management of the Ministère des Transports du Québec
TVQ. 165-1/R1 The Carrying Out of Municipal Works
TVQ. 167-1 Identity Card Required to Obtain a Reduced-Fare Transit Service
TVQ. 168-1 Vacant Lot Supplied by a Municipality
TVQ. 176-1/R2 Contracts for the replacement of ophthalmic lenses
TVQ. 176-2/R3 Eyeglasses and ophthalmic lenses
TVQ. 176-3/R1 The supply of a hospital bed
TVQ. 176-4/R2 Supplies of orthodontic appliances, artificial teeth and health care services
TVQ. 176-6/R1 Supply of Three- and Four-Wheel Personal Mobility Vehicles
TVQ. 176-7 Supplies of pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators and artificial cardiac valves
TVQ. 177-2/R1 Supplies of Products Intended for Winemaking
TVQ. 177-5/R1 Chocolate bars sold during fundraising campaigns by organizations other than public-sector bodies and public institutions
TVQ. 177-6/R2 Ready-to-Eat Cold Pizza
TVQ. 177-7/R1 Sweetened Dried Cranberries
TVQ. 179-2/R1 Supplies of corporeal movable property to be shipped outside Québec
TVQ. 179-3/R1 The supply by way of sale of a road vehicle shipped outside Québec: satisfactory evidence of the shipment of the property
TVQ. 198-2 Supply by Way of Sale of Work-in-Progress
TVQ. 198.1-1/R3 Printed Books
TVQ. 201-2/R1 Documentation required in order to file a claim for an input tax refund: name of a corporation or name under which a corporation does business
TVQ. 207-1/R1 Input Tax Refund to a New Registrant Under Section 207 of the Act respecting the Québec sales tax
TVQ. 211-3/R5 Input Tax Refunds in Respect of Expense Allowances
TVQ. 212-1/R5 Simplified Calculation Methods for Input Tax Refunds in Respect of Expense Reimbursements
TVQ. 212-3/R2 Employee’s Professional Dues
TVQ. 212-4 QST Factor Method
TVQ. 22.7-1/R1 Place of Supply in the Case of a Supply by Way of Sale of Corpereal Movable Property
TVQ. 222.2-1 The Installation of Mobile Homes on Sites Situated in Residential Trailer Parks and the Development of These Sites
TVQ. 223-2/R2 Relieving Measure Relating to the Self-Supply of a Residential Complex
TVQ. 225-1 Fair market value of a residential complex
TVQ. 226-1/R1 Self-Supply of an Addition to a Multiple-Unit Residential Complex
TVQ. 302-1 The Collection of Rents on Immovables by a Person Other than the Lessor
TVQ. 31-1/R1 Combined Supply of Immovables
TVQ. 321-2 Judicial Sale, Sale by Judicial Authority and Sale by the Creditor of Corporeal Movable Property
TVQ. 334-1/R1 Election in Respect of Supplies Made Between Members of a Closely Related Group
TVQ. 350.43-1/R3 Measures concerning flea markets
TVQ. 350.48-1/R1 Measures for the clothing manufacturing industry
TVQ. 350.7.2-1/R1 Barter Transactions and Designation of a Barter Exchange Network
TVQ. 386-2/R1 Private colleges that qualify for a partial Québec sales tax rebate within the context of a subsidy program
TVQ. 401-1/R1 Rebate Applications Made by Indians, Bands, Tribal Councils and Band-Empowered Entities
TVQ. 407-3/R2 Political Parties
TVQ. 407.3-1 The QST Registration of Reunion Permit Holders and Collection of the Tax
TVQ. 415-2/R2 Retroactive Registration
TVQ. 423-1/R2 Non-Collection of Tax at the Time a Taxable Supply of an Immovable is Made by Way of Sale to a Registrant
TVQ. 425-1 Québec Sales Tax Indicated on the Bill of Costs Submitted in Bankruptcy Matters
TVQ. 427-1 Tax Recovery Further to an Assessment
TVQ. 444-1/R2 Bad debts
TVQ. 457.1-1 Entertainment Expenses
TVQ. 487-2 Specific Tax on Alcoholic Beverages
TVQ. 51-1 Consideration in the Form of Property or Services
TVQ. 51-2 The Supply of Property by Way of a Draw
TVQ. 51-3 Reduction in the Consideration for a Supply
TVQ. 512-1 Payment of the tax on automobile insurance premiums by Indians and Indian bands
TVQ. 514-1/R1 Administration Costs Connected with an Uninsured Social Benefits Plan
TVQ. 516-1 Financial Expenses and Administration Costs
TVQ. 519-1/R1 Automobile Insurance
TVQ. 520-1/R1 Suretyship and Credit Insurance
TVQ. 520-2 Precedence of the Québec Sales Tax over the Tax on Insurance Premiums
TVQ. 523-1 The Collection and Remittance of the Tax on Insurance Premiums Under a Contract of Group Insurance of Persons
TVQ. 529-1/R1 Certification of the Taxable Portion of an Insurance Premium
TVQ. 541.23-1/R4 Application of the tax on lodging in prescribed tourist regions – General and transitional rules
TVQ. 541.24-1/R2 Collection of the Tax on Lodging
TVQ. 541.24-2/R2 The tax on lodging and the supply of an accommodation unit for a period of more than 31 consecutive days
TVQ. 541.25-1/R2 Mandataries Responsible for Collecting and Remitting the Tax on Lodging
TVQ. 541.48-1 The Specific Duty on New Tires
TVQ. 57-2/R1 Reduction for Prompt Payment of the Consideration for a Supply
TVQ. 677-1/R3 Identification of Beer Containers
TVQ. 678-2 Purchases Made by a Legal Aid Centre or Made in the Course of Performing a Legal Aid Mandate
TVQ. 75-2/R1 Transfer of a Business of Which All or Part of the Property is Situated Outside Québec
TVQ. 83-1 The Concept of “Invoice”
TVQ. 92-1/R1 The Notion of “Deposit”